“The Call to the Void” the idea that people have always been drawn to the unknown, stepping out of their comfort zone and knowledge base and exploring new possibilities. This is what embodies our beliefs and is what has driven us as a brand to deliver unique products to serve our customers.

Starting with an idea that we could improve the current kiteboarding industry, we set out to do so addressing every details of every product, from the ride characteristics we believe best suits every rider at every level we have dedicated 3 years to product research and development striving not only to improve the current products available in the market but also dedicated to improve our riders. We offer well thought out simple to ride products that will help every kiteboarder improve there level in whatever discipline they choose. This has been the story of Lacuna and at the heart of our story remains quality our customers will trust.

1. Unique features create ease of use and rider safety and control

Lacuna’s kite, bar and board innovative setup create a rider experience unlike any other. Our kites have a robust structure, which ensure durability. Our rapid inflation system guarantees less time on the beach and more time in the water. The Lacuna Apex bar system is unlike any other, with a novel ‘click-in’ quick release system and automatic un- swivel technology will boost you to new heights.

2. Optimized design and control system to enhance rider experience

Our designs stand out. Our technology is simple and intuitive. We use only the best quality materials and manufacturing processes, to ensure a lasting quality buying and riding experience. We believe in our riders as much as we believe in our products.

3. Innovative quick release system for safety and rider control. Safety is paramount to Lacuna. We design for rider safety.