Apex Control Bar


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The above is a recommendation only, bar sizing is very personal and depends on the style of riding you prefer, your home spot conditions and your skill level as well as preference.
Depending on the riding style certain riders prefer a small bar, particularly for Freestyle and Strapless Wave Riding where the rider prefers to ‘park’ the kite.
A smaller bar is less ‘in your face’ and easier to move around.
Very advanced Big Air riders also prefer a small bar as it results in the kite turning slower, giving more direct feedback and slower, lower and more dramatic mega loops.
Smaller bars also reduce the chance of the kite being suddenly steered into the wrong position, as a small bar requires a more aggressive input to steer the kite.
For those that want to turn a kite fast, particularly for larger kites, larger bar lengths are recommended.


Technical specifications:
-Lines 20m supplied with 3m line extensions. There is already 0.8m pre-line at the bar + 20m + 3m.
-Safety release set on a single front line.
-Maximum Height of the High-V setting: 6.8m

Extra informatie


46cm Bar – 4sqm to 9sqm Kite, 51cm Bar – 9sqm to 17sqm Kite